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Because I'm now two days behind on Watching the Wire here's the plan for those of you who are curious about when "Bad Dreams" will appear. I've just started a new job and in the week this job leaves me with just four hours of time at home where I can do anything, once you figure in eating, relaxing and so forth there just isn't time to finish "Bad Dreams" during the evenings because each section of W:TW takes around four to five hours to assemble and that's on a good day.

But I plan to be on schedule and have the season finished this week with "Port in a Storm" arriving on Sunday. Which means I'll be finishing "Bad Dreams" on the Saturday and posting it, turning the weekend into a mini-scale Wire-a-thon.

As for the third season, I'm going to take a break for a week or two and then work on them, but I won't start submitting them until I have everything up until episode nine already written (about two thirds of the season done). So I'm suspecting I'll start releasing the third season in October, but who knows, after a break I might find myself in the mood for a marathon. I know when I wrote about the first season I had one day where I wrote three episodes in one sitting.

Irregardless, I do not plan to abandon this project at anytime and I won't stop until I've written about the closing moments of -30-. It's just unfortunately I don't make money from writing, and it's unlikely I ever will, so I have to fit it in around earning a living.

But rest assured, I've not forgotten about The Wire - the transmission has just been delayed and service will be resumed (and concluded) this weekend.


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