Spaced Scenes: Classic Moments from a Classic British Comedy

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After Dan mentioned Spaced in yesterday's post about The Big Bang Theory I spent most of today thinking about just how many excellent scenes the series has, for something which ran a meager fourteen episodes

Now I'm afraid this post has been a little neutered by Channel 4's refusal to allow embedding of their YouTube videos, it's understandable but it's still a crotch move. So I'm going to have to link direct to the videos of the various scenes rather than being able to have them here. But one makes do with what one has and C4 are absolutely right to protect their property as they feel is appropriate - I guess we should be grateful they have videos of it online at all.

So without further adieu here are my favourite Spaced scenes in no particular order at all.

1. Unspoken Telepathy/Slow Motion Commotion - From "Gone"

Tapping into the playground days of 'war' where children would run about with boundless joy 'shooting' each other with pretend guns, these twined scenes are nothing short of hilarious. Unfortunately, things like this don't happen in real life, but you can't help but think the world would be a better place if they did.

2. Dawn of the Dead - From "Art"

The scene which directly inspired Shaun of the Dead is another absolute classic, mixing the experience of playing Resident Evil along with general tiredness to create a semi-day dream, semi-hallucination filled with zombies.

3. Paint Balls - From "Battles"

When Tim and Mike head out paintballing they run into Duane, the man who stole Tim's ex-girlfriend from him a confrontation occurs. The war movie spoof at the end followed by the immediate cut to Mike and Tim leaving caps the scenes wonderfully. Unfortunately that moment is missing from the C4 video, so you'll have to catch it on DVD (or 4oD).

4. Pop Fiction - From "Back"

I just love Pulp Fiction, and the scene which this one parodies is a piece of magical cinematography. There's not much more to say really, except I do wonder what would happen if Daisy had pulled the trigger when the tarts popped. It's hard to say when you're talking about Mike's guns.

5. What's the Plan - From "Gone"

Two very different plans about a night out, both hysterical - but Tim's is the real gem. Absolutely munted!

6. Ringing in the Ears - From "Epiphanies"

I was almost afraid this one wasn't available in the C4 selection, it's actually my first experience with Spaced. This is the scene I saw when I first switched the channel over to 4 and I just loved it. It's made even more amusing by the second season call back which occurs in "Help"

7. An Office and a Violent Man - From "Ends"

Iconic Mike - a great spoof of the Rorschach test and I love the ending to this one as well.

8. Team Briefing - From "Chaos"

The team line up to discuss the plan with regards to saving Colin the dog from a vivisectionist. From the names all the way to Mike's inability to understand anything other than the 24 hours clock, this one just doesn't stop being funny.

Of course, Spaced being the amazing show it is there are so many more iconic and brilliant moments apart from these ones. I'm especially fond of Mike in the club dancing (also from Epiphanies).

Spaced is available to watch on 4oD or in all good DVD stores everywhere.


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