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As I'm now settled into the my new job and I have a fair idea how it's going to work out I can now provide a decent idea of how often I'll update here. I'm going to do the vast majority of my writing over the weekend and then just use the evenings in the week to polish things up a smidgen or write about the odd bit of interesting news which has caught my eye. This means there should be an update most days of the week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at a minimum.

As for the weekends, I'm devoting that to writing about other things (i.e. not TV, so not on this blog). So unless 'Watching the Wire' is running (which it will be tomorrow for the final post Season 2: The Overview), then there will only be posts on the weekend if I have spare time and a desire to write something up. This is because I don't really have time to watch TV during the week now, I have a two to three hour commute each day and I'm out of the house for about twelve hours, so time at home is limited and precious during the week days.

As for the kind of posts you'll see. DVDs in Review will continue as I've still got a backlog of about a hundred or so DVDs. Why You Should Watch will also make the occasional appearance, depending on my mood - it's nice to write about a show in it's entirety instead of writing about the individual DVD seasons and Film Fridays will start next week.. Other things will turn up as well and as we move into September/October I'll review a few shows which are airing as well.

So hopefully that should give you an idea of what's ahead - I do wish I could devote more time to writing, but I'm not a professional journalist/critic. I'm just an enthusiast who writes fiction and reviews stuff on the side, and as such I've got to do something else to pay the bills.


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