Walking Dead to become a TV Series

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I'm sure by now you've read about the news on Walking Dead, but in case you haven't (and because I'm excited) AMC, those wonderful people who've given us Mad Men are now looking like they're going to take the exceptionally excellent comic book series Walking Dead and convert it's gorey goodness into a TV series.

I'm not much of a comic book reader, I have the complete Sin City, Watchmen and V is for Vendetta. That's as far as I go, but I have borrowed and read several of the Walking Dead books and been impressed by them, impressed enough that while reading I did idly think 'this would make an excellent TV show'. And now it seems Frank Darabont is in agreement, working on penning the script already (or so sources claim).

This just seems like a winning formula to me, Walking Dead is a grim tale which focuses not just on zombie horror, but also on what it means to be human, on survival and rebuilding of societies in a world where security is paramount. Where you need to be on guard from not just the dead, but the living as well. It's a great set of stories not afraid to deal with some very dark subject matter.

Combine this with the rising star of AMC and Frank's impressive writing pedigree and we might just have a show which is worth keeping an eye and an ear out for, as long as you can resist eating them that is...


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