The Game Plan for the Fall Season

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I'm afraid it's a bit of a cop out post today. Mostly because I'm dog tired, but also because I'm trying to organise my viewing habits for the next three months or so by working out what shows I'm going to watch and how much I'll write about each one - I've got to ration the time and words I have to spend here carefully these days.

The shows I'm looking at trying to watch and possibly write about are as follows:

The Office - (Returns tonight)
Curb Your Enthusiasm - (Returns Friday)
How I Met Your Mother - (Returns Monday 21st)
Dexter - (Returns Sunday 27th)
Family Guy & American Dad (Returns 27th)
30 Rock (Returns October 17th)

I'm unsure about Cougar Town - anyone interested in finding out what it's like? It's got an interesting cast and it's from Bill Lawrence, so it might be good.

There are some shows which I'm now behind on because of the delayed UK DVD releases; these include House and Supernatural - so unfortunately these have now been relegated to "DVD Shows" (Which is where Bones lives, I only watch it on DVD). There are also some other shows I'm still playing catch up on - Sons of Anarchy is the prime one of these, I'll probably have to catch up on that amazing show nearer Christmas time (It's suitable Christmas viewing right? I mean Die Hard is the greatest Christmas film ever and that also has guns in it, so they must be Christmassy).

What I'll probably do to keep up with these is resurrect The Week That Was and write about all of them on Saturdays. Sadly that does mean I'll be about six days behind when writing about Dexter - but what can you do?

I'm also open to writing about one or two more shows if there are any takers, especially British Shows - I constantly miss them. Though I do suggest you should be watching Last Chance to See if you're not already.


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