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I can hardly believe that I've been writing on here for around two years now. It still hasn't picked up as much steam as I would have liked it to. But with over four hundred posts I'm rather proud of my little site.

Over the next year I'm going to push on and crank out the third and fourth seasons of Watching The Wire (two a year seems about the right number for me, but who knows - I might get fruity and do all three) and continue to press on with the DVD reviews. Beyond that, who knows? All I can say is the shows on my 'to watch' list include Breaking Bad's second season, Sons of Anarchy and Treme. Beyond that I'm not too excited about anything apart from Futurama's renewal (and you'll notice that only one of these shows is a new one - what's happened to interesting television?)

I kind of feel things are in a bit of a slump right now, 2010 promises interesting shows turning up from the US of A, but the UK seems to have stagnated - especially Saturday nights, I remember when they used to keep my family enthralled, these days I can barely be bothered to switch on the TV on a day beginning with an S. It's a similar situation in the movie industry, re-makeitis seems to be still rampant. Are there seriously that few original ideas left out there? Do we really need this many remakes? Hey you guys, I've got dozens of ideas if you want them.

The other thing I've seen happen over the past couple of years are the increasing advent of awesome web based shows and I approve. I'm talking about Doctor Horrible, The Guild, Gay Top Gun (seriously) and the upcoming Emerson Wild: Monster Hunter. For myself these represent the potential future of television (along with things like the BBC iPlayer) - we just need a decent network for HD streaming across the globe and easy access to the technology to hook it into your TV without having to use a console or a PC.

If a big company created the technology and provided a service like that - something based on the channel pack model used right now, but a little more flexible - and I'd actually consider signing up to something like Sky or Virgin. But the current model just feels like a waste of my money as the vast majority of television shown in the UK doesn't appeal to me.

As far as I can see it, the future of television lies with the networks adapting and realising that they need to get out worldwide releases of their shows. Releases which are followed up quickly with the region free DVD sets. There's a demand out there for quality television shows being released to a worldwide market. That's one of the reasons why piracy is still so prevalent in the world of television. People want to be able to watch these shows at times suitable for them, I certainly do - I love DVD sets and season marathons. I'm of the opinion that current TV wastes my precious life with it's advert breaks. Probably another reason why more and more people are turning to DVR type recording.

Advert breaks are for getting up and walking away from the television from. Sponsering TV shows (which is beginning to happen) is where the smart products are now.

But what do I know? Not a lot it seems.

Now I'd like to give a little shout out to the various blogs and bloggers I've enjoyed reading over the past year. Some are familiar, others are newer. But all are great.

Crimespree Cinema, Cultural Learnings , Dan's Media Digest , Forever Writing... , Geeky Talk , Heroine TV , Project Shitcom, Rullsenberg Rules, Snark and Fury and The Medium is Not Enough.

I know I don't comment at your various blogs enough, but I am there reading whenever I have a spare few minutes to catch up!

For now; here's to the future.


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  1. heroine_tv 27 September 2009 at 08:47
    Happy two year blogversary! Great post, and thanks for the shout out :) I definitely agree about dvd sets, as that is my preferred way of viewing television. Most of my favorite shows I didn't start watching on actual live television.
  2. Myles 27 September 2009 at 14:29
    Congrats on the two-year! I think it's interesting that you note the lack of Saturday night fare, because what I'm finding right now is how DVR-use fundamentally changes your television habits. Saturday becomes a great day to catch up on all of the shows that you didn't watch earlier in the week, which only really applies when you watch everything under the sun but which is allowed by the ability to save up and parcel out the week's television.

    I'm with you on 2010...for now. But I'd easily add HBO's Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones (should it go to series) to your list. Everyone else's development slate on the US side is still coming together, but HBO has three shows I really want to watch so that's at least something.

    Congrats again on the anniversary!
  3. MediumRob 27 September 2009 at 16:00
    Happy birthday blog. Eat plenty of cake
  4. Dan 28 September 2009 at 11:12
    Congrats! You're a bloging toddler now! A bloggler?
  5. Aaron 28 September 2009 at 12:00
    Happy anniversary, mate. Thanks for being prolific and giving me something to read almost every day.
  6. MysterLynch 28 September 2009 at 17:39

    One of the really impressive things about Rev is the quality level (as well as consistancy) has been there pretty much since day one.

    You provide wonderful, in depth reviews.
  7. Rev/Views 29 September 2009 at 21:31
    Thanks guys. Thanks indeed. :)

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