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So Rev/Views is approaching the two year mark and in the run up to the actual (non) event I'm revisiting the list I wrote a while back featuring my top 50 shows. But this time it's running under the guise of My Top Shows, because I'm not entirely sure at this point how many shows are going to be making an appearance.

This is because I've decided to split things up into genres rather than try and come up with a list of fifty or one hundred shows from television in general. It's very difficult to compare sitcoms to dramas for example, there's little to go on apart from a somewhat subjective case of "how much do I love this particular show?"

So instead I'll be looking at (and rating) my favourite shows in broad categories of genre. These categories include Action, Drama, Sci-Fi/Fantasy (not that any fantasy is likely to make it in right now - most TV Fantasy is bloody awful), Sitcoms, British, Documentaries, Kids and Other (Which will include things don't really fit anywhere else). Of course these genres are very arbitrary, most shows don't fit into just one genre, but doing it like this makes it easier to place shows without having to watch them compete for the top ten (which happened last time). Likewise the actual number in each category will be exceptionally arbitary as well; some might have five shows, others twenty. This isn't science you know!

This list starts later today and will run for the next few days in lieu of any DVD reviews or other random bits and bobs, but as the Fall season hasn't really kicked off yet it seems like a good time to get this out there now.

I hope you'll be willing to ask or talk about your favourites in each particular section!


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