Watching The Wire: Returns End of October

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First up a short post to update the situation with regards to those of you who read my rather verboose Watching the Wire series.

I'm gearing up to writing the third season now, which is probably my favourite season. I've got some parts ready (notes mostly) and over the next two to three weeks I'm going to be writing up a bank of episodes so I can get back to running my 'crib note & recap' series starting the last weekend of October. This is because I rather want to have the series wrapped up before the end of 2010 and in order to do that I need to hit two series a year.

Fortunately the third (and fourth) seasons of The Wire are an absolute pleasure to watch, so this isn't going to be a chore. I just need to build up a buffer of three to six episodes worth before I start rolling them out, this means in unusual case that I can't write one week, service won't be interrupted.

Another post up later today regarding The Sopranos' second season!


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