The Week That Was - October 13th Edition

Television watching has been a little spartan this week, I was busy working on the Saturday and visited some friends who'd just moved into their new place on the Sunday. So the weekend, which I normally use to catch up on television, wasn't available. As such I'm behind with quite a few shows and there's not that much to report today.

How I Met Your Mother:
Episodes Two and Three

Forgive me if I gush a little, but I'm always constantly pleased with the way HIMYM manages to keep itself feeling fresh by spinning old situations into something new, and we had two episodes over the past two weeks which managed that. Episodes which had me laughing out loud while watching them, which is unusual because I'm a social laugher - I don't laugh when I'm watching shows alone normally, even laugh tracks or audience laughter aren't enough. But, both episodes of HIMYM managed to do this on more than one occasion.

While the first of the two episodes was pretty clever and had some good moments to boot (especially Stripper Lily and the obscenely funny Mustachio Marshall) it was the third episode 'Robin 101' which just shined, being simultaneously funny, entertaining, cynical and filled with character development for the cast. It was also a good opportunity for Cobie to show a range of amusing facial expressions.

Curb Your Enthusiasm:
Episode Three

Seriously, I sat there with this stupid grin on my face all episode. I'm absolutely loving this story arc, it's one hundred percent, self assured quality level gold genius in a platinum bucket of awesomeness. Seeing all the Seinfeld gang together, Larry's constant faux pas, his transparent attempts to win back Cheryl and his almost petty railing at the head of NBC over a small slight were capped with the wonderful moment where Larry imagines two possibilities - winning his wife back with a Seinfeld reunion vs. going to the funeral of the head of NBC and then tosses a coin on it to decide. Just brilliant!

Episode Four - Social Psychology

There is no doubt about it, Community is my favourite new show of the fall season. I don't think it's possible to count all the ways I'm beginning to adore this show. While it could have easily fallen into a sitcom slump and just given us the same old story over and over it's instead opted to expand on every character in it's show, giving each of them a distinct voice and place in the show. Pierce still remains the most consistently entertaining - wandering around with a radar stuck to his ear was inspired, but Jeff's lack of honesty and inability to learn remains good and most of all Abed's oddities are beginning to really steal the show. It's just great stuff.

And the end of show credit jokes are just getting better and better.

I am at this point behind in watching Dexter, I'll catch up this weekend. Promise! Same with the one hour Office special Niagara (which I'm positive will be amazing). I'm also still chugging my way through season one of Sons of Anarchy - the quick report is this, fans of morally ambiguous action drama. Saddle up and get watching! Likewise you need to get up to scratch with Breaking Bad if you haven't already.

In other news Watching the Wire: Part 3 is full steam ahead, the posts are beginning to take shape and will start in November, I'm keen to get the third and fourth seasons done because I'm so fond of the stories they seek to tell.


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  1. MediumRob 14 October 2009 at 13:49
    Community - what's not to love, other than the fact that no UK broadcaster has picked it up? Damn them.
  2. Anonymous 15 October 2009 at 06:36
    That is great to watch Curb your Enthusiasm episodes from here. I like this show very much. This tv show has won a Golden Globe Award. That is why I like this show very much.

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