DVDs in Review #107: Frisky Dingo: Season One

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Historically I've always had something of a soft spot for the more off-beat adult/late-teens targeted cartoon comedy shows that Adult Swim have put out. The Venture Brothers, Space Ghost: Coast to Coast and Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, but I have been known to enjoy some of the others from time to time. Frisky Dingo has now joined the ranks of these shows after an impulse purchase from myself - the main driving force behind that decision was the name Adam Reed, creator of the rather great cartoon spy spoof show Archer.

Frisky Dingo is a show about an ultra-violent, sociopathic super villain named Killface and his soon to be arch-nemesis Awesome X - billionaire Xander Crews who has just defeated the last known super villain and needs to settle down and run the family business. Killface is a pretty unpredictable individual, and thanks to his incredible strength and psychopathic tendencies (along with his gun) he's a delight to watch on screen. You can't be quite sure how he's going to handle any given sitution. Xander Crews on the other hand is far more predictable, he wants to carry on being a super hero along with his fighting team 'The Xtacles'.

Each episode is little more than ten minutes long and it's filled with frantic action and witty one liners, much like Archer and Harvey Birdman the short length of the episodes is both a boon and at times a hinderance. The short length means that there is no filler moments, everything is set up, bang, pay-off and that makes for a fast watching experience; but also this means that there is little room for depth in the storyline. So don't expect it all to make completely logical sense, just sit back and enjoy the outrageous situations as the plot hurtles from doomsday devices to corporate life, then to home life as a super villain and eventually to killer bunny fights (which are even more awesome than they sound - serious).

Animation wise the show is adequete, but a little crude in places. It certainly holds to the stereotyped idea that Adult Swim shows are not well animated, but it's far from awful to watch. In fact the artistic style is great in it's simplistic direction, it's just the actual movement that's a little awkward at times. It's certainly not a deal breaker, but you shouldn't expect something to the standard of The Lion King (insert a more recent cartoon movie spectacle there if you prefer, I can't think of one).

Be warned though, the show certainly goes to some very dark places with its humor and as such it's really not suitable viewing for the younger audience - but for those people who are old enough and have an appreciation for cartoon violence, low brow humour and very fast paced plotting. Frisky Dingo is something worth checking out, and thanks to it's short run time it it's very easy to digest. As such I, for one, will be picking up the second season as soon as it's released later this month.

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