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I'm not sure if you're aware of the site at this stage but I think it's time I posted about one of the (relatively) newer TV sites out there. It's TV Geek Army, a television review site that is growing in popularity, more of a collaborative effort with multiple writers rather than a single individual (much like the excellent Crimespree Cinema) - though the hard working Eric helms the vast majority of the work at the moment.

I'm currently involved in the site with the occasional post (about once a week on average - I can't manage more sadly) and just recently 'totallyTV' has joined the ranks. I'm currently involved in a small round table about TV Show finales (which you can read in it's entirety here) and my series of Doctor Who reviews can also be found on the site.

There's certainly room for more writers if people are interested, it would take some of the load off Eric (or not, he seems to eat, sleep, breathe and sweat television) and as always more content along with different viewpoints is a great thing for any site.

So stop by, say hello and let Eric know I sent you!

Back tomorrow with more Rev/views.


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