Unfinished pilot script - Tempest/Leagues: Underwater Steampunk Science Fiction

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A while ago I wrote a pilot script for a science fiction series.  Well, more a Steampunk series.  The concept was Firefly crossed with Steampunk set underwater in a society that lives entirely in the oceans of the Earth (the surface rendered uninhabitable by an unknown catastrophe.

It's sort of space travel/privateers/smugglers set underwater in the future.  The working title was Tempest and/or Leagues depending on my mood.

However I never finished the first draft, and I keep hitting a wall whenever I go back to it along the lines of 'Who'd want to watch something like this?' and I have no idea how to push it any further (both in writing and even attempting to get it 'filmed').  So rather than leave it languishing on my hard drive for an eternity I thought I'd publish it here as an 'unfinished tale'.

Shame really because I did actually plot out an entire five season arc for this setting with a mix of one off stories and ongoing metaplot.

It's located here for your perusal.

(Obviously all rights on this one are reserved etc etc, as this is my work - even if it is rough.)



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