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Well apparently USA has cancelled both The Dead Zone and The 4400, two of it's flagship summer shows (and the reason why I started watching Burn Notice & Psych) now. Without giving either show a chance to wrap up.

It's not been officially announced yet, but inside sources are talking about it. So, well I'm pretty bummed out. The 4400's latest season was fantastic and while TDZ struggled in it's 6th Season, it ended on an incredible note that promised excitement next season.

I could take an announcement saying "Next season will be their last." As they'd then get a chance to deliver high octane episodes that finished up their big story arcs. But this just sucks hard as it's an incredibly lousy time to do this, it's going to be like watching Carnivale or John Doe now. You just end unsatisfied because the story hasn't ended.

I probably won't be posting until the 6th/7th of January as all the good TV has pretty much wrapped up due to the WGA strike and Christmas. But Season 5 of The Wire premieres on the 6th so I'll review every single episode in a spoiler-tastic orgasm of love. At least they are getting a decent final season to finish up.



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