Edgie Awards 2008 - Best New Show

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Now there's an unusual critera for best new show. It's not the best new show that's been released over the 2007/08 period but it's actually the best show that I watched for the first time during that period. This includes shows that may have been around for a time but I've never gotten around to watching.

1. Homicide: Life on the Street
Watching The Wire lead to a decision to watch Homicide. I'd previously seen Detective Munch on Law & Order, Arrested Development and most recently The Wire itself (great cameo). As I'd enjoyed his appearances and David Simon was involved in Homicide I decided to give it a try. Currently I'm at the end of season 4, waiting for season 5 to drop to a reasonable price before I push on. But I'm enjoying it no end, initially the show seemed to flounder a little and the second season seemed very short (was it hit by the previous writer strike?). But once I got used to the style it's been incredibly enjoyable. There's plenty to like in it if you already enjoyed The Wire and vice versa.

2. Invader Zim
I decided to watch this one because it made its way into the top 100 shows on tv.com and it had a very short run. This mades it very light to watch and simple to 'get through'. Not that it was a chore to watch, in fact it was a delight. One of the better kids programs I've seen, I'd hold it up alongside TMNT 2K3 and Justice League: Unlimited easily.

Plus Gir is the most ridiculously cute thing I've ever seen on TV ever. I'm not sure what it says about me that I find a retarded robot cute. But I do... how can you say no to that little cutie?

3. How I Met Your Mother
I can't recall what made me decide to watch How I Met Your Mother, I'm not that fussed on Buffy (Alyson Hannigan), Doogie Houser (Neil Patrick Harris) or Josh Raydor (Apparently he was in Six Feet Under, but I don't recall him). So I can't say why I started watching at all, it's not like anyone even recommended it to me... But I did start watching it and I really enjoy it. It's not genius comedy, but it is in a similar vein to Friends. But better imo. Neil Patrick Harris in particular is utterly fantastic as Barney Stillson...

4. Burn Notice
Burn Notice has a second mention here. It's also gotten a nomination in the badass category for Michael Western. But the show has so much more going for it than him. It has a wonderful setting (Miami) combined with a great concept, fun facts about various spy techniques and the worlds greatest actor. Bruce Campbell. I'm really looking forward to the summer, while I'll miss The 4400 and The Dead Zone (who got canned without finishing) Burn Notice will fill a small part of the void.

5. Life
This is Life's second nomination as well. It's just a fantastic and slick show, it looks good. It's great to watch and it's managed a good combination of the format 'crime of the week' along with 'metaplot'. Damien Lewis is immensely watchable as Charlie Crews and the supporting cast is also fantastic. I'm really looking foward to seeing where this goes, I just hope that the writers don't end up stringing out the 'mystery' too long as that's where Lost fell apart.
Regardless, right now it's looking strong and enjoyable.

Honorable mentions go to Bones and Jeeves & Wooster. While I enjoyed both shows, they're not as good as the ones above.


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