2008 Edgies - Worst Crime against Television

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In this category I'm going to nominate the worst events to occur this year in the land of televisual entertainment. I will be excluding reality/voting TV shows from being nominated as if I did they'd just win. Instead I'm going to focus on crafted fiction.

1. The Writers Guild Strike
The criminal part of this is not the Writers striking, but the fact that they had to strike in the first place. It shortened so many shows, killed off others and delayed more. The viewers had to pay for the executives idiocy. It was an all round suck fest that should never have had to happen.

2. USA Characters Welcome (aka NBC) cancelling The 4400 and The Dead Zone.
While it sucked that two excellent shows got cancelled, the timing was the thing that really stank like fetid rats droppings. Both shows got canned after their season had finished, both shows had set up some really exciting cliff hanger events. Both shows could have wrapped up their story if they'd had another season. Instead they get dropped after filming has wrapped and leave the viewers left hanging from another John Doe... I straight up hate NBC for this. So much so that I'm not going to be supporting them by purchasing Burn Notice on DVD when it's released.

3. Heroes Season 2
Yeah, that's right. I'm putting it up here as one of the worst crimes against TV this year. What were they thinking? Even Tim Kring stepped up and apologised for being involved in such a pile of stink. Don't get me wrong, it had its good points (Kirsten Bell, Sylar, Adam) but it was a real let down after

4. Mandy Patkin walking out on Criminal Minds
Damn it Mandy, you really try my patience. What is it about successfull shows that make you walk out on them? 'Dead Like Me' Mandy, If you don't get your ass back into that show somehow I'm never going to forgive you for walking out on Criminal Minds and making it lame.

5. Jericho
It got canned again. This sucks, just when I'm planning to get into the series again it gets nailed. I would write more, but I don't want to go watching Jericho knowing that it doesn't end properly.

6. Fox Network
Fox, you just suck. Enough said.


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