Edgies 2008 - Funniest Characters

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The out and out funniest moments I recall seeing on TV this year. Excluding repeats.

1. Barney Stinson - "How I met your mother"
Neil Patrick Harris is the reason I enjoy watching HIMYM. He's so brilliant in the show it's well... Just watch this and see.

Legendary, this is so going in my blog!

2. Denny Crane - "Boston Legal"
While William Shatner's role on Boston Legal has felt a little diminished so far this season he's still comedy gold when needed. The lines, the delivery, the look, the entire package is just brilliant. Denny Crane is Shatner's finest hour and the interactions between him and the rest of the cast are always enjoyable and funny. The man has no shame.

3. Michael Scott (Steve Carell), Jim (John K) and Dwight (Rainn W) - "The Office (USA)"
I've put these three together to save space and words. Much of the of comedy in The Office involves at least two of these three interacting with each other. Ranging from Michael and Dwight planning and Jim's aside looks to the camera when Michael explains his bright idea to
the antagonistic pranks that Jim pulls on Dwight. These three are the heart of the comedy in the show, they're also the source of many of the more touching moments in the show as well.

4. Larry David - "Curb Your Enthusiasm"
Season 6 of Curb was absolute masterpiece, but the honest truth is - what else could you expect it to be? Larry just understands what funny is, he's also brilliant at delivering cringeworthy performances as well, something so few people can do. Make you cringe, laugh and still like a character all at once. His performance this year was as on form as ever, the man just cranks out gold.

5. Jerry Seinfeld - "30 Rock" (Episode Seinvision)
It was only a single episode, but it was one of the best performances in comedy I've seen. Jerry was absolutely fantastic in the episode, including all the faux shots of him digitally added into the various shows. The scene between him and Alec Baldwin was particually good, both of them really put their all into it. It says a lot that Jerry's made it onto this list from a single episode guest star.

6. Darnell "Crabman" Turner - "My Name is Earl"
Eddie Steeples performance as Crabman is understated brilliance, while MNIS has sort of lost its way a little this season Steeples has not. He's remained consistently funny as the laidback, browbeaten, turtle loving, man with a past and hasn't lost his edge yet.

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