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As a reminder to myself to keep an eye out for these. Here are the most interesting pilot shows mentioned so far. Synopsis are taken from TV.com.

Section 8
A group of everyday people who possess uncanny neurological abnormalities have been recruited to work for a secret government agency.

I'm always interested in paranormal shows, this one sounds interesting.

My Own Worst Enemy
Christian Slater stars as a regular suburban dad and a deadly government spy who suddenly realize that, due to a previously undiagnosed multiple personality disorder, they are in fact the same person. Can these two men reconcile their differences and learn to live as one?

While the premise of this show is rather trite, it could be an exciting show to watch, especially as Christian Slater is a decent actor. It's worth noting that an episode of 'Life' already explored this in a way. Ah Life is such an excellent show.

Eliza Dushku stars in this new Joss Whedon series, which brings viewers into a mysterious world populated by human beings whose personalities, abilities, and memories have been programmed in order to help them complete top-secret missions.

Eliza Dushku, Josh Whedon. It sounds like a mix with serious potential to run. But any Josh Whedon project should always be considered as a serious contender.

FBI agents Olivia Warren and Peter Bishop are faced with a rapidly spreading, unexplained phenomenon of the threatening kind. In an attempt to stop the spread, they enlist the assistance of Bishop's estranged father, the institutionalized scientist Dr. Walter Bishop

Could be good, could be bad. Worth keeping an eye on.

Sit Down, Shut Up
Based on a live-action Australian series of the same name, this animated offering depicts the lives and quirks of seven staffers at a high school in a small fishing town

For reasons listed in the post immediately below this one.

The rest of the shows are either a little bland, the synopsis seems boring or are yet more reality TV shows.


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