Summer Shows

By Rev/Views

For me, traditionally the Summer used to be a warm up for the Fall season. I used to watch The Dead Zone, Psych, The 4400 and Burn Notice in preparation for the upcoming Fall crunch.

But this summer is looking pretty sparse right now. TDZ and 4400 have been cancelled and nothing really interesting has stepped in to fill the void.

In Plain Sight might be interesting, but I'm really not that up for another 'crime of the week' type procedural show. So I'm probably going to pass on it.

Maybe I'll get back into Weeds as I did enjoy what I watched of it previously. I just had too many shows on the go at the time and something had to give.

Of course The Venture Brothers returns today, so that's some good news.

Moonlight? Hmm, maybe.

But really there's feck all on TV right now that's worth watching. It's good that USA managed to fill the open slots that came from cancelling TDZ & 4400 with quality new shows. (Sarcasm)


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