Summer Shows: Part 2

By Rev/Views

And here are the Summer Shows that I'm considering worth checking out.

The Middleman

ABC Family - Monday 16th June

A young woman finds a cure for her career troubles when she lands a job as an assistant to superhero The Middleman.

Showtime - Monday 16th June

Returns for it's 4th Season, I've have decided it's worth getting back into and watching this. It was rather good.


Sci Fi, season three premieres July 29

Join your fellow sci-fi fans for a third season in Eureka, the top-secret Pacific Northwest town that harbors America's most brilliant minds.

Maybe it's time I caught up with this show, I read about it a while ago and thought it sounded interesting.

Men in Trees
ABC, new episodes resume May 28

Men in Trees
returns from hiatus to complete its third and final season. Don't miss every precious moment of Alaskan drama, romance, and laughs!

This is one I'm thinking about watching because it's only three seasons long.

Burn Notice
USA, second season premieres July 10

Follow the continuing adventures of Michael Westen, a former spy who, after being mysteriously dumped by his agency, moves to Miami and begins to use his skills to help folks in need.

Of course this should be watched. But I'm probably repeating myself here...

Charlie Jade
Sci Fi, premieres June 6

South African sci-fi series Charlie Jade is coming to America! Watch as detective Jeffrey Pierce finds adventure and intrigue while trapped in a parallel universe.

Sounds interesting, it's only 20 episodes long so it's not going to drag out forever.

USA, third season premieres July 18

When a phony psychic teams up with real detectives, the results are both highly hilarious and surprisingly successful.

Mentioned this before, it's one of the few good shows left on USA.

And that's it so far. Not really much of an improvement on the previous incarnation of this list. There's a couple of new additions but, eh... The Summer looks bleak without Johnny Smith or The 4400 to liven things up.


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  1. Jaxvor 6 June 2008 at 10:42
    I gave up on Charlie Jade after three episodes because it was slow paced and a little boring. Great concept but poor execution. There are lots of strange short cuts in the budget leading to weird location shoots and sets that don't convince, and there's not enough of the cyberpunk stuff.
  2. Rev 6 June 2008 at 10:47
    Oh, that's right. I recognise the show now, I knew it sounded a little familiar. Now I know where from.

    I might still give it a go, goodness knows I have enough time on my hands to do so.
  3. MysterLynch 8 June 2008 at 14:03
    Burn Notice is the one I am most looking forward to.

    I just tore through all of season one (for the DVD review) and quickly remembered how much I enjoy the show. The chemistry is very strong, especially when you consider they had less than a dozen episodes to bond.

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