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As I've reached the 25th DVD review since I started this blog (back in September of last year) here are the tables for the current front runners.

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Highest overall scores:
1. The Wire: The Complete Fourth Season
2. The Shield: Season 3
3. The Shield - Season 4
4. The Shield, Season 1
5. The Office: An American Workplace. Season 3
6. The Wire: The Complete Third Season
7. Spaced: The Collectors Edition
8. Futurama: The Complete Collection
9. Skins: The Complete First Series
10. Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

Yeah, I know. I show a serious bias towards Police Dramas that break the procedural mould (OK, serious bias towards The Wire and The Shield - but it's for a good reason). (Highest scores are a little subjective because I switched scoring systems partway through).

Best Value for money (pence per minute):
1.5 ppm - The Complete Adventures of Tintin
1.6 ppm - Homidice: Life on the Street - The Complete Second Series
1.9 ppm - Homicide: Life on the Street - Series 1 & Sugar Rush (The Complete Series 1 + 2)
2 ppm - Skins: The Complete First Series & The Shield, Season 1
2.3 ppm - The Wire: The Complete First Season
2.4 ppm - The Shield - Season 4 & The Wire: The Complete Third Season
2.5 ppm - The Wire - The Complete Second Season

Now obviously these prices were worked out at the time of purchase and some have changed since. But it's a dominating run for The Wire, The Shield and Homicide - this is because they are all shows with 45 min to an hour long episodes and many of them have been out for quite a while now so they're lower in price. Whether they will keep their positions after the next 25 reviews remains to be seen but I'm confident that it'll take one heck of a deal to knock Tintin from the top slot or Homicide from the number 2 slot. It'll take a show with 20 odd hour long episodes for under £20 I suspect.

Now it's time to work towards 25 more reviews so I can see how the table shapes up!


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