Colbert Report/Daily Show loses region free viewing

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For a while now I've enjoyed the fact that I can watch The Colbert Report legally via the Comedy Central website, especially because I do not get FXUK in my viewing package and switching up in order to get it isn't an option right now.

But this week Comedy Central took a HUGE step backwards in the world of free media and closed its viewing borders. Putting it back with less enlightened sites like Showtime, and so forth.

They've tipped my hand, I was content to watch episodes with a full 2 mins of advertising in them because it was legaly available. But now I'm stuck with going back to the original method I used to watch the show and I don't want to do that because of the hassle, illegality and so forth. So I'm afraid that The Colbert Report is disappearing from my "Currently Watching" list and will not be returning until Comedy Central rescind this action. What happened to the golden age of media? Where's our culture?

They're not going to bully me into watching FXUK, not even if it does show all of the best television.


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  1. Aaron 4 September 2008 at 13:42
    *Splutter* What?! How dare they?

    Dammit, the Colbert Report was my favourite show to watch whilst playing Football Manager. Double dammit.

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