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At the end of every week (Friday) I'm going to post the best reviews I've read around the net about each episode of the final season. Naturally you follow these links at your own risk if you've not watched up to and including episode 701.

Here's the first batch:

TV.Com - There are five at the moment and I'm sure more will turn up later. They're a mixed bag, some are a good read, others not so.

2GuysTalking - This one is a biggie, there's one heck of a lot of information and thoughts about the episode. Fortunately for us it's all broken down into sections with headers for each. Nicely laid out imo and worth at least skimming through.

- A very short one from Eric at daemonstv, highlighting how confusing the show can be for viewers, I feel especially sorry for our US cousins who have only just had the 6th season released on DVD. Over here in Blighty we've had around half a year to watch and re-watch the 6th season so I didn't have that much trouble following (I did for get one or two character names, I still can't recall the name of the darn tycoon who's so important).

TheTwoCents - At first I wasn't sure where the review was here, but it turned out to be located in the comments, a pretty clever way of hiding spoilers without having to use HTML which still doesn't work quite right. *shakes a fist*

IMDB - melanie809 (and others I assume, but she's the last to update when I looked) provides a synopsis/recap here that's shows a little bit of Dutch loving and manages to cover most of the details in the episode. Good place to check if you're not sure on something, for example that tycoon is called Pezuela! I have no excuses now!

- Jonathan Toomey runs through his thoughts on the premiere and there's even a poll for predicting how things will end up for Vic. They missed out the option I would have voted for, which is "He walks away from everything and just disappears." But it seems most people think Vic needs to catch a bullet/needle for everything his done.

Author Jason Pinter's Thoughts are here.

And of course there are Alan Sepinwall's review as well. I already linked to that one before in my own review, but I'm including it here for the sake of completeness.

If anyone comes across any others, hook me up.


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