Looking Back on the Week - 20/09/08

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To keep my load as light as possible most of the shows I watch are going to be looked at once a week on a Saturday (as I never watch TV on a Saturday so it makes for a good break point).

Only a few shows dripped their way onto TV this week. Most shows I watch are starting later, many of them next week.


Ok, I tried. I really did try to like this show, I enjoyed Alias when it was on the TV and I enjoyed some of Lost before I just stopped caring about all the "mystery" but both of those shows grabbed me with their first episode and didn't let go for a long time. On the other hand we have Fringe, which feels more like Cloverfield - masses of hype, total let down - it's really like a poor man's ReGenesis or X-Files. The cast doesn't click, the plot is *ahem* weak and Lance Reddick must be insane if he thinks the dialog he has here is any good compared to his previous material (The Wire) and Reddick is the best thing in it. So Dan, I gave the show a chance, I really did; but with next week containing so many awesome shows returning I'm just not interested in carrying on. I'm going to stop watching this and just keep an eye on the reviews, if suddenly a lot of people start saying "Slow start but it's become must watch" then I'll get back into it. But for now, bye bye JJ - I'm just going to go rewatch Millennium and wait until Dollhouse is released.


Eh, a little - well not good this week. Last season started very strongly and ended with a crushingly brilliant two parter but the first episode of this season really didn't grab me - in fact I spent a lot of time pausing the show and doing chores - that's not a good sign. It seems that maybe Wilson has left the show, which is a bit of a shame because the interactions between House and Wilson were second only to the ones between House and Cuddy. The medical case involved in the episode was rather "I don't care" and even a layman like myself felt it was pretty weak, I do get a kick out of reading the Polite Dissent reviews of House mind you. Overall it was OK but the show still feels stuffed to the catheters with characters and now I hear there's some talk of a spin off character? Oh well, I guess I shouldn't complain about a formulaic show trying to shake up it's formula a bit. It's just - they did it better last season.


Ok so at the end of the last season Dean went to a very bad place indeed. And now he's back. Fine, I did wonder if they were going to use at least a portion of this season devoted to trying to bring him back and introduce a few new characters. But heck Jensen Ackles is the most interesting member of the cast so I guess I can live with a huge Deus Ex Machina followed by a mystery. Oh and when I use the term Deus Ex Machina I think it's the most appropriate use of that term ever.

It seems this season Ruby is busy corrupting/teaching Sam how to use his powers (about time we found out a little more about them) while Dean is dragged back from hell by Castial (Castiel?) who claims to be an angel on a mission from God. I guess it was just a matter of time before someone turned up claiming to be a part of the 'other side', but given the tone of Supernatural I wonder. It's clear Castiel is pretty ridiculously powerful but is he really what he claims to be? And why does he need Dean?

No Heroics:

Rather than talk about this myself I'm just going to plug Rob's review as I think he nailed my thoughts on it as well.

The other TV I watched this week was on DVD, I finally saw the last season of Fraiser and all of Police Squad. Which means I need to get more DVDs, I think Weeds Season 2 + 3 are up next on the list of stuff I want. Which reminds me, I should write up that list so I know what to keep an eye out for...

Next week several shows start up again; The Office, My Name is Earl, Boston Legal and How I Met Your Mother amongst them.


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  1. Cliff Burns 6 November 2008 at 17:39
    We have exactly two channels in our house...and one of them doesn't come in all that well. Can't say we miss television very much--we're a family of readers, total throwbacks--but there IS the occasional show that sounds promising, off the beaten track...only it's on Channel 16. Watch a lot of old movies though: noir and silent films, Dreyer and Welles and Murnau. Ray Harryhausen almost a patron saint in our house. That wonder I felt as a kid...that's what I try to keep in mind when I sit down, bend my brain over my own writing. To inspire something similar in readers around the world...that's reason enough to stay in the game, regardless of those oft-mentioned slings and arrows...

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