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While I wait for my neighbours to stop locking their little girl out in the hallway as punishment here are this week's collected reviews for the latest episode of The Shield.

Again we start with 2GuysTalking. I've said it before but I do appreciate the style used here, also I can appreciate their concern with the closed caption. Some days I'm forced to use them myself.

The imdb rendition isn't as well laid out at last week's but it's still a good read.

Of course I wouldn't forget Tom R's Recap & Review over at TheTwoCents.

And here's Jonathan Toomey's one as well, I'm a little surprised anyone voted thinking that Vic did actually mean what he said to Shane at the end of the episode. His expression after Shane left said everything, and that's even if you don't consider the fact that Ronnie wouldn't let it stand if Vic decided not to take Shane out for what he did. Mind you, considering Vic's MO it's possible Vic will just set Shane up to be killed rather than do it himself.

Alan Sepinwall's shortish review is as always expanded by the comments action.

TV.Com has just the two reviews at the point of posting. One of them dares use the phrase 'Jump the shark', and it's not the first time I've heard it uttered with regards to this season. *Waves at Paul B.*

Here's a review from Eric Goldman at IGN. Once again the title kind of makes me laugh.

Jason Pinter decided to skip last week and do a condensed review of both "Snitch" and "Money Shot" this week.

Coming later, my own collected short reviews on the TV I watched this week and maybe the half season finale of Burn Notice depending on how worded out I feel.


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