The Shield: Review Round Up - Genocide

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The usual suspects are in evidence, with one or two missing at this point:

We'll start with the imdb synopsis, it's always a good place to check up on facts before you talk about them.

Tom R at TheTwoCents takes an amusing dig at another show's ending this week. It's not the first time someone has mentioned that particular ending in reference to The Shield's end.

TVSquad's review this week finally reminded me of the councilman's name. I couldn't be bothered to look it up while writing my review. I know, laaaaaa-zeeee.

Reading Alan's review is one of the first things I do after I've finished my own one.

Eric Goldman's review sub titles continue to crack me up, I'm not sure if that's the intended effect or not. But it's still entertaining.

A short review with screen caps from geeky talk.

Author Jason Pinter continues to recap the show at his blog, I do find myself wishing he'd provide a few more personal insights and thoughts when he does so, but the information there is solid.

See you tomorrow for the round up of the other shows I watched this week!


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