Happy Halloween: A Horrible List of Lists

By Rev/Views

It's Halloween tonight and I could do something special, but if I'm honest around where I live it's safest to sit inside and pretend you're not home. Sadly the British youth don't see Halloween in the same light as the American ones seem to, this year not only is the typical egging, flouring, toilet papering and dog poop flinging going on but there has even been rumours of threatened car fires (unconfirmed of course, but still - it sounds cool). Regardless while Halloween should be a fun day where you can take the kids out and everyone can dress up in cheap, tacky costumes it's not like that around here. So I'm playing count the police cars instead, we're up to three so far and the night is still young.

I was half considering listing my favourite Halloween episodes of various shows, a top ten or a top five. But I decided instead to be lazy and list my favourite 6 lists instead.

There are in no particular order, except for the one in the number one position, cause that one is the best. You'll also notice certain episodes appear multiple times, that's cause they are that good *cough* Slutty Pumpkin *cough* Hush *cough*

6. Starpulse's Favourite Halloween-Themed TV Episodes
Ten items on this list and many of them even have links to the relevant parts (or episodes) on YouTube, what more could you ask for?

5. Defamer's Top Ten
There's a nice twist in this entry as it's a video list. I've only seen a few of the episodes listed in this one mind you.

4. Halloween Addict's Top 5 Scary Creepy TV Episodes
Not strictly speaking a Halloween list as such, but anything which includes the truly creepy Buffy episode 'Hush' is worth a look.

3. Examiner's take on the Fancast list
I've decided to use this one over the fancast list because this version has the addition of the great Frasier episode, but on the whole this list is a little "eh". Still there are some good mentions in here and links to watch the episodes you like the sound of so it's worth a peek.

2. Canada.com's top 5 scariest TV Shows
They say top 5 scariest shows, but they do mean episodes. A short list but a couple of the selections are decent.

1. IGN's Top 10 Halloween TV Episodes
This list is just great, not only do they list 'Freaks and Geeks' and 'My So Called Life' but this is also the list that got me watching How I Met Your Mother. I read the review of "Slutty Pumpkin" and decided that the show was worth a shot. I'm glad I did.

Until tomorrow, have a good evening and enjoy something really spooky. If your pants ain't brown by the end of the night you're not trying hard enough (or you're not wearing brown pants, one or the other).


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  1. Matt 3 November 2008 at 10:54
    You gotta love the Slutty Pumpkin...

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