The Shield Collected Reviews Round Up: Moving Day

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The usual suspects this week, I trawlled a little to try and find more but I couldn't. I expect most people will sit about twiddling their thumbs just watching the show until the finale and then everyone and his keyboard literate dog will spew out their thoughts onto the internet.

Instead, let's just stick with the loyal people who've reviewed the show all season.

Jason Pinter has switched to a series of notes and thoughts about the episode instead of his usual recap followed by short analysis this week.

Capone over at Ain't it Cool has a bit of spoiler free (I guess teaser) information about the finale along with his usual point driven thoughts. I'd warn you that there is a chance for spoilers if you follow this link and keep wandering beyond it. I stopped as soon as I thought there might be an inkling of something, so I can't confirm or deny that. It's just my suspicions.

Alan Sepinwall is someone who has already seen the final episode of The Shield, but you have no need to worry about spoilers in his post, he's meticulous about avoiding them. All he's willing to hint at is how great he found it.

Jason Zingale at Premium Hollywood continues to review the episodes, the picture of Shane he's used on the page really sums up Shane's situation so well.

I might not agree with Jonathan Toomey's feelings on Dutch, but I certainly enjoy reading his review. It's one of the better review series being run over at TVSquad right now.

Tom R pushes on with his recap and review, while there's more of the recap and less of the review in the feature I still find the odd detail I may have missed there and I personally can't get enough of reading about The Shield.

The synopsis at imdb is a little unwieldy this week. While it is still broken up into paragraphs I found it slightly hard going to get through this time.

Last but certainly not least we have Billy's review over at Geeky Talk. I have to say Billy, I believe I'm concerned about Dutch suffering the same fate you are. I'm also looking forward to your 'memorial' piece about it once the show is over.


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