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Just a short news bite to promote Dan's upcoming live blogging of the BAFTAs. I'm not sure entirely how it'll turn out but I'll certainly be having a looksie around to see how this works out for him. It'll be located at Dan's Media Digest and his post about it is here.

Frankly I think this is a brilliant idea and should be supported, so if you're interested about the BAFTAs or just want to see some brilliant writing happening right there, live! Then have your computer or laptop up and on his site while you're watching it! I'm going to try and figure something out to see if I can (I might just have to trek back and forth between the office and the living room though).

Now if we could convince him to do it drunk then we'd have another Eurovision hit on our hands!

Edit: I now realise that the last sentence I used makes it sound like Dan will be singing if he drinks, I can't make that claim as I wouldn't know. I meant that it would be as enjoyable as watching the Eurovision song contest as presented by Terry Wogan, who gets increasingly more plastered as the show progresses.


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