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You may have noticed things are a little off schedule recently. This is due to a shift in work patterns combined with my impending move (from a flat into a house). As such I'm all over the place trying to fit everything in, it's pretty draining. As a consequence I decided to move TW² to Sunday this week, it might remain here for the duration, it might not. We'll see.

As for the world of Television, as I was getting a little out of sync with things I've decided to look at only the episodes which aired this week, not the ones I watched while playing catch up.

Battlestar Galactica:
I'll start the list with an exception (because I like being inconsistent and contradictory), as I am still deliberately staying a week behind where BSG is concerned. I caught up with the second and third episodes of the final season of BSG (412 and 413 if you like), I was a little concerned I'd find 412 rather boring, but as it turns out I actually quite enjoyed it. Not brilliant, but it did have some good moments which meant I was very keen to immediately watch 413 right afterwards. Naturally 413 was some seriously good s**t, it built up brilliantly, bringing many of the main characters back together and also containing a lot of exciting and jaw dropping moments. I hoped BSG would take a dark turn this season, it seems it has.

For the record I've never liked Gaeta (I laughed a lot when he was shot in the leg and more when he lost it), but those two episodes have at least made him an interesting character. I shall be watching 414 this evening as a consequence.

How I Met Your Mother:
Another fun episode this week, I'm always impressed and entertained by HIMYM, especially the rather brilliant (which has the brilliant option to watch the video in "awesome" resolution). But in addition to the funny moments (some of which took advantage of Alyson's pregnancy without making her pregnant) the episode actually had Barney going beyond the norm for Robin, pulling out all the stops to make sure she'd stay in New York. I do like this 'secretly in love' storyline, it's certainly keeping things interesting because the Ted stories are not really doing much right now.

House M.D.:
I don't know why I sometimes get irritated by House M.D.'s completely formulaic approach with no real evolution at all. I guess right now it's because of the fourth season, which felt like it had a real ongoing plot, drive and interesting things happening. It also didn't help that the fourth season ended with the best two parter the show has ever had (and quite possibly the best episodes ever to boot). There isn't really much to write about when it comes to House. Most of the time nothing really happens, this was one of those episodes.

My favourite episode of the season so far, I had nothing but good things to write about it here.

Another two episodes this week, and as such [scrubs] is going to be all over so fast I'm already beginning to feel 'ending blues' (but not as badly as I did last year). The first of the two episodes dealt mostly with Dr Cox getting to grips with his new position as the Chief of Medicine and had an excellent musical synchronicity moment to open with, it reminded me of the opener from the second ever episode of [scrubs] and put me in a good mood for watching both of these.

In a nostalgic moment, here is that opener in full.

The second episode mostly revolved around Ted and his attempts to win the affection of a ukulele playing woman. I've always liked the episodes which revolve around Ted (or include him to a reasonable level) as they don't happen too often. This episode once again featured The Blanks singing a few songs, I enjoyed their renditions of "Don't Fear the Reaper" and "Carry on my Wayward Son".

Mostly I'm very happy with the direction [scrubs] has returned to, they've managed to move things forward while also keeping it funny and essentially the same. The characters have grown but the comedy has gone back to the level it was in the first couple of seasons.

Oh and annoying intern was fired. Yay! But Turk was no-where to be seen, boo!

The Office (Superbowl episode) + Normal one:
Of the two episodes I actually preferred this weeks over the Superbowl special, the special had the staff all roasting Michael at his request after he discovered he stressed them out, it had a few funny moments and ended very well. But overall it wasn't the best episode of the season so far, it had me wondering why it was even a special at all to be honest. I did once again enjoy the Pam and Jim storyline, I honestly can't get tired of those two at all (as long as they keep winding up Dwight or Andy in the process). Stanley continues to rock the screen hard as well.

The episode this week (Lecture Circuit: Part 1) was better, but hard to assess fully because it's only one part of a two part story. It did how ever include a return to seeing Karen (now pregnant and happily married) and that was a nice moment. It also managed to be pretty funny, I have no idea what makes Michael think a chainsaw is a good idea in a lecture on business, but it was hilarious. The episode ended with Michael deciding to go see Holly (Amy Ryan) which if it does happen will be fantastic, I've read that Amy is returning later this season -- maybe now, maybe later -- and that's just awesome because I was really sad to see her leave in the first place.

30 Rock:
Jon Hamm was guest starring on 30 Rock this week (Generalissimo) and while his presence wasn't amazing it was exactly what it needed to be. He's a new love interest for Liz Lemon, she meets him after his mail gets accidentally delivered to her. Meanwhile Jack is having problems with his love life as Elisa's grandmother does not like him, this is caused by his striking resemblance to the titular Generalissimo, an evil soap opera villain (also played by Alec Baldwin) who goes on to inspire Liz to try some "evil" schemes to win the heart of Dr. Drew (Hamm).

This episode was a great example of 30 Rock on form, the only major complaint I could have is the lack of Scott Adsit's character Pete. While he's normally a supporting character he is also a title credit actor, but he's been really missing from the latest 30 Rock. Which is a shame because my favourite episode of 30 Rock so far revolved around Pete (getting a wig if you're curious).

Supernatural seems to have dialed the tension and excitment right down to the 'filler' setting, last weeks offering was rather unremarkable, with a story that was based around a school Sam and Dean went to briefly (only remarkable because of the great performances from the child actors playing young Sam and Dean). This week was also very filler, pretty much the definition of filler really, the Winchesters are looking into a series of murders being commited by devoted husbands, slaying their wives despite a happy marriage. As they dig deeper they discover a supernatural cause at the root. The best part of the episode were Bobby's scenes.

Really, while the episode was enjoyable and decent, I'm left waiting for things to build up again. I want to see where this "seals, end of the world" story arc is heading, I want things to be important and begin to matter. But three stand alone filler episodes on the trot is a little much.

Other News:
I finally managed to pick up 'Father Ted: The Complete Collection' after constantly missing the chance to get it from my local stores. Additionally I've been watching my way through Arrested Development again, it's the fourth or fifth viewing I'm on now, I'm still only just spotting jokes and foreshadowing moments built into the episodes. Brilliant Show. I also picked up the first season of Lead Balloon and watched that in preparation for a DVD review of it.


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  1. Lisa Rullsenberg 8 February 2009 at 14:55
    The end of S4 of House was just a bit too much for me - I mean that in a good way but it just had me all over the place emotionally. It just made me *sob*.

    [Settles self]

    Father Ted is just still brilliant: enjoy that DVD treat!
  2. Anonymous 8 February 2009 at 16:01
    Scrubs will be going to one episode a week soon but don't know when.

    Arrested Development requires many viewings, I remember seeing jokes I missed on my third our fourth viewing.

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