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As I'm in work today and I won't be able to update properly because I'm handling all the business decisions while the manager is away here's a short post sharing my now updated DVD collection.

If you click on the picture you can see the large version, most items are pretty clear there. It's in almost alphabetical order, I've had to make some concessions due to the varied sizes of the sets and put them slightly out of order. If there's anything you can't make out just ask, It's pretty easy to identify sets by rows and columns e.g. Row 6, column 5 is Supernatural 1 to 3.

For comparison here's where it was last time I posted about it. The TV Dragons are still in place though!


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  1. Dan 27 July 2009 at 11:51
    Very impressive. Personally, I've never really understood the point in collecting television box-sets, as shows are so regularly repeated and (with a few exception) I'm unlikely to ever have time to revisit shows because there's so much new stuff to keep abreast of.

    Collecting DVDs in general has taken a backwards role in my life, as the format marches on to blu-ray and the ease and cheapness of makes it seem like madness to be spending £15-30 on discs and box-sets. But, yes, I guess collecting is partly for the odd feeling of satisfaction when your shelf looks like a branch of HMV :-)
  2. Rev/Views 27 July 2009 at 23:39
    Well, first of all I've never spent as much as £30 on any of these. :) I'm a sale junkie, I'll normally pick things up when the price has dropped below £15.

    Also, because I have limited TV channels (Freeview) a lot of this stuff doesn't crop up. Or isn't on when I want to watch it, so it's immensely convenient for me to have these "on tap". (It also works out cheaper because I've watched most of these sets at least twice, many of them more).

    Last of all, I'm just someone who's always collected something all my life. I just enjoy doing it - and if you think this is large you should see my collection of board games.
  3. Dan 28 July 2009 at 13:39
    How many box-sets do you buy a month? Could that money get you Sky/Virgin channels?

    I very occasionally get TV box-sets, but only on impulse because I find a great deal (just got Carnivale S2), or I know they're classics worth keeping (The Office). Otherwise, I find that most shows these days don't have much repeat value (increasingly so with serialized stuff like 24), and I personally find that most shows I enjoy are repeated on BBC or Sky very regularly.

    If you like collecting discs, why not films? They tend to standup to repeat viewing a lot better and you can get DVD for £3-7 these days. 3-for-£20 in HMV, etc.
  4. Rev/Views 28 July 2009 at 20:23
    I dislike the imaterial nature of Sky/Virgin/Love Film

    As for films, didn't you look at the bottom part of the set? It's all films, but I'm very selective about what films I pick to keep. I rarely go to the cinema as well because I'm not much of a film watcher - I dislike the (relatively) short length of films as there's not enough time to enjoy the characters for me and also I find they don't stand up to repeat viewing as much.
  5. MysterLynch 2 August 2009 at 17:14
    For me, television sets appeal for two reasons:
    A) I can BINGE for hours at a time.
    B) Extras. Many have excellent bonus features. As crazy expensive as the SOPRANOS complete series was, it has a damn impressive amount of extras, including dinner round tables with cast and crew.

    If I ever get my collection completely organized, I might post it one is pretty frightening. i really do need to go through and eliminate releases that either duplicate extras or are in multiple formats.

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