Web Show - Emerson Wild:Monster Hunter Preview

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I am completely and unashamedly a supporter of web released shows like the BBC iPlayer, Dr Horrible and The Guild, all of which (I think) show a new form of television, perhaps the future. Right now, who knows? But I approve of it, especially The Guild which was also released on XBox live, thus allowing me to watch the show from the comfort of my living room (which is a fun place) as opposed to the work based environment of my office (which is a place where bills are paid and words are written).

Lately Emerson Wild: Monster Hunter popped up onto my radar via Nuklear Power and most recently a preview video of the piece has been released on YouTube.

Here is the HD version:

I'll be following and updating about this occasionally as I do like the look, the humor and the style I've seen so far. He used the word irregardless, I love that word!

The Website is located at http://www.emersonwild.com/ and twitter is http://twitter.com/EmersonWildMH


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