A Quick Heads Up

By Rev/Views

Things have been rather erratic here with regards to updating. As some sort of an explaination where I live is a digital switchover area and that is making work a little more stressfull, so I'm just getting home too wiped to write. But I'm also moving house at the end of this month, so a lot of my spare time is spent sorting through stuff, deciding what to keep, what to move and what to throw out.

Excuses aren't much uses, but hopefully things will return to a more consistent and regular update schedule in April. I shouldn't be offline for an exceptionally long time (as I was when I moved this time last year) either.

But scheduled to come up is the final few Sopranos seasons, Treme as soon as it's on the TV and a range of other DVD reviews. I also have a half written piece on my feelings about the current (and historical) portrayal of Vampires in the media. That tickle anyone's fancy?


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